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Commercial Disputes

Our commercial disputes litigators focus on contract and commercial disputes, business torts, unfair business practices and other business litigation. Our commercial disputes trial team is recognized for its ability to successfully try cases involving a wide variety of legal issues.

Business Torts

Pinnie Law handles many cases involving allegations of improper conduct in business transactions, including fraud, negligent misrepresentation, interferences with contractual or economic relations, and bad faith and unfair dealing. We have a successful track record of representing clients in cases involving claims under special statutes such as federal and state RICO laws, consumer protection laws, and laws relating to unfair trade practices.

Contract Disputes

Pinnie Law handles business disputes involving commercial contracts in a wide range of areas such as the purchase and sale of businesses, utility contracts, contracts for the sale or development of intellectual property, construction contracts, and partnership disputes. We are experienced in litigating all types of cases under the Uniform Commercial Code, including contracts for the sale of goods, security interests, loan transactions, banking, procedures and investment.